ageLOC and the Anti-aging Megatrend

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Nu Skin could not have chosen a better time to introduce our ageLOC product line. Research shows that we are at the cusp of a global anti-aging megatrend and since Nu Skin’s focus is to become a leader in the anti-aging industry, our future couldn’t look brighter.

Recent studies show that the world population is steadily growing older. In fact, the worldwide population of 200 million baby boomers is growing by 38 percent, compared to the general population¹.
Additional research shows that this fast-growing aging demographic is willing to pay to look and feel young. In 2008, the global
anti-aging market for baby boomers was approximately $162.2 billion and this market is forecasted to grow at an 11.1% compound annual growth rate from 2008 to 2013². When considering the significant growth of the aging population and their interest in anti-aging products, Nu Skin distributors have an incredible business opportunity ahead of them.
In addition to being well positioned for the anti-aging megatrend, Nu Skin has become a leader in the direct-selling industry thanks to our ongoing innovation. Through our exclusive ageLOC science, only Nu Skin is able to identify functional groups of genes (Youth Gene Clusters) that regulate how we seem to age, and target and reset them to their youthful patterns of activity. This revolutionary discovery is based upon Nu Skin’s exclusive collaborations with leading scientists around the globe, millions of dollars in development, and years of combined anti-aging and genetic research.

As you can see, Nu Skin has the technology and expertise to separate itself from the rest of the competition and dominate the anti-aging industry. This is the perfect time to build an anti-aging business with Nu Skin – a proven leader in innovation

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