Does it feel like you catch everything that comes around?

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A strong functioning immune system would prevent this.   Numerous factors can weaken the human immune system including age, sickness, stress, alcohol consumption and excess physical exertion.   Ai/E10 Ultra contains Colostrum MFT, a proprietary colostrum extract derived using a patented microfiltration process.  These ingredients boost primary immune functions and support immune cell communication by providing a concentrated spectrum of supplemental immune antibody proteins and low molecular weight molecules.  The natural immunoglobulins found in Colostrum MFT are backed by peer-reviewed and published clinical tests for safety and efficacy. 

Ai/E10 Ultra can be used by the whole family from children to adults.  Anyone who is under immune stress, exposed to an environment of unfriendly and toxic organisms, or simply interested in boosting their natural immune system.  People who are hypersensitive to dairy or lactose-containing products should not use Ai/E10 Ultra.

Primary benefits:

  • Provides a boost to your body’s own natural immune function and activity
  • Provides substances involved in immune cell communication including interleukins, interferon, and other memory transfer factors.
  • Provides a broad spectrum of immune proteins, including immunoglobulin G, to supplement those naturally produced by your body.
  • Provides additional low molecular weight molecules including cytokines, lactoferrin, lysozymes, defensins and disaccharides.
  • Supports the immune system’s role in weakening and destroying harmful organisms in the gut while neutralizing toxic waste products

Why is it important to modulate immunce cell communication? 

When functioning properly, the immune system is a formidable defense mechanism essential to maintaining optimal health.  Normal immune function is affected by three primary factors:  stress, inadequate nutrient intake, and exposure to environmental pollutants and toxins.  The introduction of these factors to the immune system can overload important communication pathways between immunce cells.  Communication between immune cells is accomplished through a number of low molecular weight molecules that are naturally present in our immune system.

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