Nu Skin’s Six Competitive Advantages

Aging and Health, Business Opportunity, News and Research — By on January 25, 2011 2:23 am

Scientists around the world have spent decades and billions of dollars to better understand and decode the human genome. Today, the nearly 20,000 genes that make up the human genome have been identified and are beginning to be defined by their physical and functional role.

 Aging is a complex process. Many of our competitors mistakenly think that by targeting just one gene or one family of genes, or focusing on a single aging attribute, they can achieve an anti-aging benefit. By contrast, Nu Skin’s approach is more comprehensive. Nu Skin has exclusive access to an aging gene library that shows us how to look for age-related genes. This library took more than 30 years to create, and it would take competitors decades to duplicate this knowledge. We are also expanding this library with the work of our partnerships to include additional tissues.

 Using exclusive technology and capitalizing on the power of modern day computer systems, we can probe this aging gene databank, and identify the functional clusters of genes that are directly related to aging, vitality, and youthful appearance.

This truly is a significant breakthrough that will change the scientific landscape for many years to come.

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