Benefits of Gac Highlighted on Fox News

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Our G3 product – G3 is a nutrient-rich juice developed with Gâc and three additional superfruits—Chinese lyceum fruit from southern China, Siberian pineapple fruit from Asia, and cili fruit from the mountains of China. The combination of these three superfruits along with gâc lipocarotenes™ provide exponential health benefits.

In an article published today on by Fox News, Gâc, a fruit indigenous to Southeast Asia and China, was highlighted for its many nutritional benefits. Titled “Gac: Strange Name, Powerful Fruit,” the article discussed how the fruit is used indigenously and detailed the fruit’s rich supply of antioxidants beta-carotene, lycopene, and zeaxanthin.

 In addition to listing the many nutritional benefits of the exotic fruit, the article encouraged readers to learn more about so let’s read on:

More About Gâc

Gâc is prized in the Vietnamese culture and has multiple uses. Gâc is used in a well-accepted dish in Vietnam called “Xoi Gac” or “Red Rice”. This dish is prepared by mixing the Gâc seed and pulp with cooked rice to impart a red color and distinct flavor. Traditionally “Xoi Gac” is served at weddings, the lunar New Year and for other important celebrations. During these occasions it’s essential to mask the white color of rice, since white is considered the color of funeral. In addition to their use in “Xoi Gac”, the seed membranes are also used to make a tonic (Gâc oil) for lactating or pregnant women and children.

 Guichard and Bui first identified carotenoids in Gâc fruit when they traveled to Vietnam in 1941 and were amazed by this “fruit from heaven” crowned by the locals. Gâc fruit is considered a “super fruit” because of its high concentrations of beta-carotene and Lycopene which is much higher than conventional fruits and vegetables. Gâc also has high levels of fatty acids which create a lipocarotene to deliver higher bioavailable Carotenoids. Compared to beta-carotene found in dark-green vegetables, beta carotene from Gâc fruit appears to be more easily absorbed. 

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