Nu Skin: A Leader in Innovation

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Nu Skin stands for Innovation.

You’ve heard it said time and again, but Nu Skin focus on innovation to ensure that we have the best opportunity to succeed. They are committed to being a partner that will provide the best products and services in the industry. Whether it’s breakthrough ageLOC science, world class anti-aging products, our revolutionary sales compensation plan, or new mobile apps, Nu Skin always have and always will continue to innovate.

 They are currently building a new Innovation Center that will be built over the next two years across the street from corporate headquarters. This new investment will ensure that we have the best scientific labs, computer systems, and general infrastructure to Go Double over the next four years, and fulfill the vision to become the world’s leading direct sales company.

 One investment that you may not have heard about yet is a systems upgrade taking place this weekend. The upgrade will greatly improve behind-the-scenes customer service operations.  In fact, the enhancement is so massive that it will be the company’s largest in our 27-year history.  Their customer support departments already exceed industry standards, but the upgrade this weekend will better integrate all of their programs into one.   This will allow Nu Skin  to handle your phone calls, emails, chats, and web interactions with even more efficiency than before.

 You are a part of Nu Skin at a great time in their  history. I don’t think there has ever been more excitement about our business opportunity than there is right now. Our future is bright, and with our commitment to innovation, it always will be.   If you are not involved, join now by calling or emailing Wendy.


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