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One of the questions I get most often is ‘What makes you so passionate about being healthy”?  Well, the truth is, I wasn’t always this way.

In 2000 I realized that if I wanted to continue to help and support my love ones and friends, I had to stop and take time out for ME.  Meaning, I had to start eating well, exercising and enjoying life.

Up till then I was like everyone else – caught in the throes of life and all the stress that goes with it.  And I realized that if I went down, I would be taking not only myself but everyone else that I was holding up along with me and that TERRIFIED ME.

How could I do that to them?! I started making changes and blossomed into what people would characterize as a health nut.

So now I had ensured that I was healthy and would be around for others, BUT there was something missing.  My friends and family around me were getting sick. When my husband came down with third stage colon cancer in 2009, he came to me and said:

“Wendy, I don’t want to die…
tell me what I have to do to live and enjoy
our 12 grandchildren for years to come.”

I knew if he was going to have a chance it was going to be dependent on the nutrition I could get in him FAST.

I researched to find the best of the best to save my husband, and immediately started him on alkaline water (disease LOVES acidity).  Next, I fed him massive amounts of top grade vitamins until his chemo started.

Fast forward to 2010…

The doctors were pleased with how well he was doing. He remained clean throughout 2010 and passed all his tests. I continued to feed him LifePak Nano and G3, which are guaranteed to be high in the anti-oxidants that are KEY to fighting the free radicals that invade our bodies daily.

But that doesn’t mean it was clear sailing.

I had noticed he had slacked off his water and eating more sugar and beef in the last half of 2010 and sure enough, this February we received the news that the cancer had now metastasized to the liver. He was officially diagnosed as having stage 4 cancer.

Now, as scary as that sounds, it doesn’t mean the end.  Your attitude in life determines your altitude!

I set out immediately to pour massive amounts of anti-oxidants into him but this time included an immune modulator.  We had to wait 6 weeks for a surgical room. When I tested his anti-oxidant level two days before surgery, there was a 70% improvement in his numbers! That is AMAZING considering his body was fighting cancer.

I knew he had the tools to win this second battle.

After the surgery, the surgeon phoned me and said Carmon looked GREAT on the inside.  Clean, no evidence of the cancer anywhere else and that even the liver left was in good shape.   And we recently re-tested Carmon for anti-oxidants a month after surgery and he is now back up to 51,000.   The best news then came when the surgeon phoned with Carmon’s pathology report and said it was FANTASTIC – those tumors weren’t going anywhere and his prognosis is excellent.  Whatever we are doing  – KEEP ON DOING IT.

So, see my friends, if you are committed to change your health status NOW, there are happy endings.

All YOU have to do is call and I will certainly share with you.

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