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TotalBeauty ranks Nu Skin ageLOC Future Serum #1!

TotalBeauty ranks Nu Skin ageLOC Future Serum #1! recently did a survey with thousands of their readers to find out what they thought were the best anti-aging products. And of all the products their readers recommended, which was ranked number one? Well, Nu Skin ageLoc Future Serum of course! By targeting the ultimate sources of aging and with the maximum ageLOC concentration […]

Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner Highlighted on the Dr. Oz Show

Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner Highlighted on the Dr. Oz Show

To view yesterday’s segment, click here. The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner from Nu Skin was featured on yesterday’s episode of The Dr. Oz Show. The show titled, “Antioxidant All-Stars” included host, Mehmet Oz, M.D., scanning himself to determine his individual Antioxidant Score. (Can you guess what Dr. Oz’s score was?) The studio audience members were also scanned and […]

Let's Get Right To It!

Let's Get Right To It!

People yearn for change, they relish being part of a movement, and they are about things that are remarkable, not boring.   That is what Nu Skin’s AgeLOC is all about! Nu Skin are in the midst of launching what is being called the greatest science innovation of our lifetime.  AgeLOC technology is the first clinically proven […]

Nu Skin Featured in New Beauty Magazine March 2011

Nu Skin Featured in New Beauty Magazine March 2011

In the latest issue of New Beauty, Nu Skin’s AP-24® Anti-Plaque Fluoride Mouthwash was called the “Bacteria Balancer” and was highlighted for its ability to break down plaque while keeping the mouth’s natural bacteria – all without the use of harmful alcohols. Titled “Breath Fresheners,” the article can be found in New Beauty’s winter issue […]

Benefits of Gac Highlighted on Fox News

Our G3 product – G3 is a nutrient-rich juice developed with Gâc and three additional superfruits—Chinese lyceum fruit from southern China, Siberian pineapple fruit from Asia, and cili fruit from the mountains of China. The combination of these three superfruits along with gâc lipocarotenes™ provide exponential health benefits. In an article published today on by Fox […]

Nu Skin: A Leader in Innovation

Nu Skin stands for Innovation. You’ve heard it said time and again, but Nu Skin focus on innovation to ensure that we have the best opportunity to succeed. They are committed to being a partner that will provide the best products and services in the industry. Whether it’s breakthrough ageLOC science, world class anti-aging products, our revolutionary sales compensation […]

Enclusive scientific partnerships

Learn about our exclusive scientific partnerships with Stanford University and LifeGen Technologies…

Nu Skin’s Six Competitive Advantages

Scientists around the world have spent decades and billions of dollars to better understand and decode the human genome. Today, the nearly 20,000 genes that make up the human genome have been identified and are beginning to be defined by their physical and functional role.  Aging is a complex process. Many of our competitors mistakenly […]

Lifepak® – First, and Only, Supplement with all 3 Certifications!

“NFL Banned Companies With Supplements 2010”  Companies either have banned ingredients, or other fillers, things listed on the label that weren’t in the capsules, or ingredients harmful to humans (Accumulative Carcinogens) or contaminant’s etc…..  If you want science and quality think “Pharmanex” NSF Exhaustive formulation & toxicology analysis FDA, cGMP, NSF, ANSI compliance  BSCG […]


A huge step in understanding our gene story was recently written up in the Anti-Aging medical news by Dr. Mark Barlett, PhD.  While a foundation of sound nutrition and a positive lifestyle are key to healthy aging and compression of morbidity, there is much to be gleaned from an understanding of gene expression as it […]