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Why I’m doing what I’m doing – Your Health Coach

Why I’m doing what I’m doing – Your Health Coach

One of the questions I get most often is ‘What makes you so passionate about being healthy”?  Well, the truth is, I wasn’t always this way. In 2000 I realized that if I wanted to continue to help and support my love ones and friends, I had to stop and take time out for ME.  […]

Want Your Skin To Glow Even At 56?

Want Your Skin To Glow Even At 56?

Prepare yourself for a truly transformational experience. Featuring a powerful lineup of four products, ageLOC™ Transformation is the most advanced anti-aging system ever, delivering unsurpassed anti-aging benefits. This complete and comprehensive skin care system cleanses, purifies, renews, moisturizes, and reveals younger looking skin in eight ways—for a more youthful,healthier looking you now and in the future. […]


Today, Nu Skin announced the winners of one of the largest global photo challenges of its kind. Winners of Nu Skin’s “Keep Your Age a Mystery” photo challenge were selected from more than 1,500 contestants in nearly 50 countries who use ageLOC skin care products and submitted photos and essays about how they defy their […]


Hi I have to tell you about my 80 year old mom. She has been suffering from arthritis in her legs for some time, especially in her knees. Once in a while, she will go walking on a track at the hospital. It takes 15 laps to make one mile, so obviously it is small. Lately, […]


There has never been a more PERFECT time than RIGHT NOW to change your life.  Everything has come together, i.e., the economy, the market trend and the product. If you go to my youtube account you will find the videos that explain the product much better than I can, but I can tell you this:  […]

Ian Ziering (90210 fame) believes in Nu Skin technology too!

Here is what he says: This represents the cutting edge in (anti-aging) research.” Back in February, Ziering explained how he became a NuSkin convert. “While traveling in “Hollywood” circles, you can be sure I’ve tried every cream, scrub and magic potion there is out there to keep my appearance competitive. While in Utah, I did […]

Imagine what you could do with more VITALITY?

I can tell you what it’s done for me!  I am ALIVE again without stimulents like coffee and coke where you are up one minute and down the next.  Consistent energy ALL DAY LONG.     And WANT to work out. And when I sleep – I am in a deep rem sleep so I feel REFRESHED in the […]