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Are you looking for an opportunity that lasts the test of time and INNOVATES, INNOVATES, INNOVATES to keep themselves ahead of the competition? Well, Nu Skin is just that. Hard times have come upon everyone and yet Nu Skin’s shares keep climbing. Why? Because they know what YOU want and need. Anti-Aging products are the […]

Let's Get Right To It!

Let's Get Right To It!

People yearn for change, they relish being part of a movement, and they are about things that are remarkable, not boring.   That is what Nu Skin’s AgeLOC is all about! Nu Skin are in the midst of launching what is being called the greatest science innovation of our lifetime.  AgeLOC technology is the first clinically proven […]

Enclusive scientific partnerships

Learn about our exclusive scientific partnerships with Stanford University and LifeGen Technologies…

Nu Skin’s Six Competitive Advantages

Scientists around the world have spent decades and billions of dollars to better understand and decode the human genome. Today, the nearly 20,000 genes that make up the human genome have been identified and are beginning to be defined by their physical and functional role.  Aging is a complex process. Many of our competitors mistakenly […]


A huge step in understanding our gene story was recently written up in the Anti-Aging medical news by Dr. Mark Barlett, PhD.  While a foundation of sound nutrition and a positive lifestyle are key to healthy aging and compression of morbidity, there is much to be gleaned from an understanding of gene expression as it […]


New beginnings are invigorating.  Just as a fresh blanket of snow changes the landscape, a new year brings a sense of possibility, opportunity and resolution.  Whether a new day or year, something about starting over generates energy and commitment.  We try a little harder and what seemed impossible yesterday is suddenly in clear view. Dismiss […]

Welcome to Aging on Your Own Terms – An Introduction

Welcome to Take Back Your Life. Before you begin reading, please take 3 minutes to watch this touching video from author Wendy Woodworth:

Nu Skin Again Named “Best Company to Work For”

Nu Skin Again Named “Best Company to Work For”

Utah Business Magazine recognized Nu Skin as being a “Best Company to Work For” today in the larger company category for the second year in a row. Nu Skin was highlighted for its generous employee benefits and its uplifting, enriching culture that unites its worldwide employee force. “At the heart of the Nu Skin success […]

Nu Skin Highlighted in Nutrition Business Journal

Nu Skin’s Game Changer If there was a nutrition industry MLM flying higher than Nu Skin Enterprises in 2009, NBJ has yet to fi nd it. The global leader in the direct-selling personal care market posted an impressive $1.3 billion in sales on almost 7% growth last year. While many of its competitors were implementing […]

ageLOC and the Anti-aging Megatrend

Nu Skin could not have chosen a better time to introduce our ageLOC product line. Research shows that we are at the cusp of a global anti-aging megatrend and since Nu Skin’s focus is to become a leader in the anti-aging industry, our future couldn’t look brighter. Recent studies show that the world population is […]