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Enclusive scientific partnerships

Learn about our exclusive scientific partnerships with Stanford University and LifeGen Technologies…

ageLOC Research Presented at International Conference

Nu Skin scientists presented research findings on how mental and physical vitality is improved through nutritional strategies that influence mitochondrial-related genetic expression. Two presentations were made at the First World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria: Strategies, Innovation and Clinical Applications in Berlin. “Through Nu Skin’s innovative ageLOC science we have successfully identified groups of genes and […]

Imagine what you could do with more VITALITY?

I can tell you what it’s done for me!  I am ALIVE again without stimulents like coffee and coke where you are up one minute and down the next.  Consistent energy ALL DAY LONG.     And WANT to work out. And when I sleep – I am in a deep rem sleep so I feel REFRESHED in the […]